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Shoulder Conditions

The joints of the shoulder are the most mobile in the body, which also makes them the most unstable and susceptible to injuries. When the tendons in the shoulder that provide mobility become inflamed, tear, or are affected by changes to surrounding bones, they cause pain. The discomfort may occur when you try to move your arm above your head, behind your back, or straight out in front of you. The pain might be temporary or it might continue and worsen.

Shoulder problems can interfere with the most basic of daily chores like washing your hair or walking the dog. Fortunately, a wide range of surgical and therapeutic modalities exist. A lot of shoulder problems will improve with physical therapy over time, while injections*** can help decrease inflammation or pain. From rotator cuff injuries to dislocations, our orthopedic shoulder specialists will work with you to find the relief that you need. Along with our physical therapists, they will create a personalized treatment plan, incorporating surgical and non-surgical options, to help reduce your pain, increase your range of motion, and get you on the road to recovery.

*** No Cortisone two weeks prior to the COVID vaccine or one week after. This applies to the one dose and either dose of the two dose vaccine.

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