Nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) are qualified health care professionals who provide care and treatment while working under the close supervision of a doctor. They have been certified to perform many of the same tasks as a doctor.

PAs and NPs are often referred to as advanced practice providers. At LOG, all of our advanced practice providers are fully licensed and certified to provide patient care. LOG views advanced practice providers as important and effective members of your health care team, acting as an extension of the physician they are trained to work with. Our orthopedic surgeons who supervise an advanced practice provider delegate a wide range of responsibilities to them. Typical CRNP/PA duties include performing comprehensive histories and physical exams prior to surgery, ordering and interpreting lab tests, and assisting in surgery. CRNPS and PAs first assist and perform surgical tasks as directed by their supervising physician. Postoperatively, CRNPs and PAs conduct hospital rounds, write orders, take call, help formulate and implement therapeutic treatment plans for patients, and dictate discharge summaries. CRNPs and PAs also order and prescribe medications and orthopedic devices within the limits of state law.

LOG’s Team Approach

At LOG, we utilize a team approach that allows for the highest quality service and treatment. An integral part of the team are our advanced practice providers, who are an extension of the care and subspecialty services our physicians provide. They are therefore required to maintain a specialized knowledge in the area of expertise that their supervising physician focuses on, including procedures performed. The physicians and advanced practice providers work together to offer a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan to return you quickly to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our Advanced Practice Providers