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The field of medicine is vast and constantly changing. As new science and technology evolves, so too does the practice of medicine and the advancement of its subspecialties. One such advancement is the field of sports medicine. As the influence of sports and athletics rapidly expanded within our culture, it became clear that medical care for the athlete meant more than just orthopedic care for the professional or elite athlete. It also meant care for people who participated in recreational athletics or simply used exercise to stay healthy and active.

Sports medicine is concerned with the prevention and treatment of injuries and illnesses sustained during athletic or “active type” activities. The types of injuries that sports medicine physicians encounter can be divided into two groups. Major injuries are those sustained in an instant, such as a fractured leg or dislocated shoulder. They require orthopedic care, such as setting a fracture or repairing a torn ligament. To assist in assessing and treating musculoskeletal injuries with as little trauma as possible, modern arthroscopy techniques are part of the sports medicine physician’s repertoire. The second group is generally referred to as “overuse” injuries; conditions caused by repeated and excessive stress. Tendonitis and stress fractures fall into this category. Ideally, the athlete can continue with the athletic activity while under treatment, or at least return to the activity as quickly as possible. To aid in recovery and prevent recurrence of injuries, physical therapy is invaluable in stretching and strengthening muscles and other soft tissue surrounding bones and joints.

Our fellowship-trained sports medicine physicians provide comprehensive musculoskeletal care for athletes of all ages and activity levels, and have significant experience working as team physicians at the high school, collegiate and professional level. Their goal is to return the athlete to his or her previous level of activity in a safe and timely manner. Our physicians work closely with athletic trainers and physical therapists, creating an individualized treatment plan for each patient in order help them get back in the game.

You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from what a sports physician can provide. If you’re seeking to become more active or begin an exercise program, a sports physician can help, promoting lifelong fitness and wellness, and encouraging the prevention of illness and injury.

Lancaster Orthopedic Group is proud to serve as team consultants for the following schools and organizations:

  • Warwick High School
  • Conestoga Valley High School
  • Manheim Central High School
  • Linden Hall School for Girls
  • Pequea Valley High School
  • Manheim Township Soccer Club


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