Voted #1 Foot and Ankle Practice in Lancaster Newspaper’s 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards!

Foot and ankle injuries are common in people across a range of lifestyles from top-performing athletes to sedentary individuals. In fact, 75 percent of Americans will experience some type of foot problem in their lifetime. Injuries that are not recognized or are improperly addressed can lead to significant functional disability. This may affect quality of life and in some cases, impact one’s ability to accomplish everyday tasks.

Lancaster Orthopedic Group’s foot and ankle team emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive evaluation in order to develop a proper diagnosis. They then use the latest treatments and surgical techniques to restore function and relieve pain. Some components that your treatment might include are:

  • Rest
  • Footwear Modifications, Orthotics, and Braces
  • Ice and Heat Application
  • Stretching
  • Physical Therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory Medication
  • Surgery

Dr. Tuckman is one of only two fellowship-trained foot and ankle surgeons in Lancaster and Berks counties. His extensive experience in advanced foot and ankle care including ankle replacements, trauma, comprehensive treatment of athletic injuries, and care for chronic deformities of the foot and ankle make him a natural choice for the full spectrum of foot and ankle related problems. He also has a special interest in dance injuries and has been an orthopedic consultant for the Atlanta Ballet and the Berks Ballet.