Our physicians render specialized care to the injured worker for any orthopedic condition requiring emergency, operative or conservative care. If you experience a work-related injury and wish to be treated by one of our physicians, arrangements can be made directly with our office by you, your employer or the emergency room. Lancaster Orthopedic Group is on many Workers’ Compensation panels across the county, so ask your company if you can be directed towards one of our physicians. The goal is always to get the employee back to work in a safe and timely fashion.

To facilitate this process, LOG has a full-time dedicated Workers’ Compensation Coordinator who works in a team approach with our physicians. Our coordinator also works closely with patients, employers, insurance carriers, and rehabilitation consultants to assure the process following an injury runs smoothly.

We know how important communication is to the parties involved in a Workers’ Compensation case. As a result, our coordinator is available to assist you in a timely manner and to address any questions or concerns you may have. At the time of referral, we will ask for information on the injured employee’s occupation, job demands, work status, and whether or not modified duty is available. This information will assist the physician in being aware of return-to- work options, in addressing work issues, and in returning the injured employee safely back to work as quickly as possible.