Welcome to Lancaster Orthopedic Group! Thank you for choosing us for your care.

Your Initial Appointment Arrival and Registration

Please arrive at least twenty (20) minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Sign in on our electronic sign-in tablet and have a seat in our waiting area. Our staff will know you’ve arrived. Have a seat and you’ll be called up to get registered.

A member of our patient services team will gather your information prior to seeing a provider. Please have the following information ready:

Seeing the Provider

Wait Time

We work hard to stay on schedule. Sometimes, patients require more time than we anticipated and we can get behind. When this happens, we’ll keep you informed and work hard to get caught up, but we want to give patients (including you!) the time and attention they need. Be aware that someone arriving after you may have an appointment earlier than yours. If you have questions, please talk to one of patient services team members.

The Examination

Your first visit will include a team-based approach including a physician, advanced practice provider and our clinical staff.

In many cases, patients will initially see an advanced practice provider (Physician Associate or Nurse Practitioner). These providers work closely with our physicians and have particular expertise in examining patient conditions to determine the best course of action. If your condition warrants an examination with a surgeon, this model allows us to get you to the right surgeon, quickly.

Otherwise, patients may have to wait weeks to see a surgeon. These cinicians work closely with our physicians to manage your care.

Your provider will take a history about your injury, and then perform a physical examination. You may have an x-ray or MRI while you are here. It may help to wear comfortable clothes. You may be asked to don a gown or scrub tops or bottoms.

The Plan of Care

Based on your examination, we’ll discuss with you a plan of care and treatment options. This is a collaborative process. We want you to get all of your questions answered.

Follow Up Care

The plan of care may include follow up visits, appointments with other LOG providers, testing or physical therapy. If you and your provider decide that surgery is the best course of action, we’ll work with you to schedule any pre-operative testing or processes and schedule the surgery at the facility best suited for the procedure. This may be the Lancaster Orthopedic Surgery Center.

Scheduling Surgery

Our surgical scheduling department will work with you to schedule your surgery, considering your condition, your overall health, and your insurance.

Second Opinions

Our experts are often asked to provide second opinions. We believe this is a healthy and helpful service. We are NEVER offended when our patients seek second opinions, and we retain good working relationships with our colleagues at other practices.