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When the normally smooth surfaces of the shoulder joint become worn or damaged due to injury or arthritis, joint replacement surgery can restore comfort and function to the shoulder.
Shoulder injuries often occur in athletes who play contact sports, such as football or hockey. Frequent lifting and repetitive shoulder movements are also responsible for shoulder wear and tear.

Arthritis and other inflammatory diseases may also develop in the shoulder over time, causing the cartilage to deteriorate over time. As the arthritis advances, the joint surfaces become rough, causing friction and inflammation.

Although less common than knee or hip replacement, surgery to replace the shoulder joint with an artificial joint is safe and effective for relieving pain and restoring mobility. It can be an excellent option for people who have suffered from shoulder fractures, rotator cuff tear arthropathy, or severe arthritis.

People who benefit from shoulder joint replacement surgery often have:

  • Severe pain that interferes with normal daily activities
  • Pain severe enough to prevent a good night's sleep
  • Loss of motion and/or weakness in the shoulder
  • Lack of improvement after other treatments, such as anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, or physical therapy.

Joint replacement surgery at Lancaster Orthopedic Group is a reliable procedure that involves replacing the shoulder joint with a new artificial joint. Your surgeon may recommend a total joint replacement in which both the ball and socket are replaced, or a partial joint replacement where only the ball is replaced.

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