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Hip tendinitis, also called hip tendonitis and hip tendinopathy, is a condition in which any of the tendons in the hip joint become irritated, inflamed and painful.

The condition is common in older people. It is often the result of overuse injuries during activities such as track, gymnastics, soccer, ballet, cycling, rowing, and walking or running at an incline. It may also occur from trauma due to an accident.

Individuals with hip tendinitis will typically experience:

  • Hip, back and/or leg pain
  • Tenderness of the affected tendon
  • Stiffness of hips, back or leg
  • Sciatica
  • Discomfort when stretching or contracting the muscle
  • Hip joint stiffness in the morning or after rest
  • Reduced range of motion

One of Lancaster Orthopedic Group’s hip specialists will evaluate your pain and symptoms, perform strength and motion tests and, in some cases, recommend an MRI to help determine if a hip tendon is inflamed, injured or torn.

Treatment options for hip tendinitis include rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medication, avoiding activities that aggravate the symptoms, and a gentle stretching program or physical therapy. When conservative treatment fails to relieve the pain, surgery may be recommended.

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