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Adductor or groin strain is a common cause of groin pain in athletes.

The adductor muscles are the major muscles on the inside of the thigh where it meets the pelvis. When the muscles are stretched or torn beyond their normal range of motion, athletes may feel acute pain that is sometimes accompanied by a popping or snapping sensation.

Adductor strains most commonly occur during sudden stops and starts of the lower body, such as when kicking, pivoting or skating in sports like sprinting, soccer, football, martial arts, gymnastics and ice hockey. Failure to warm up and properly stretch can predispose an athlete to this type of injury, as can repetitive stress and overuse.

Most adductor or groin muscle strains respond well to conservative treatment, including ice, rest, modification of activities, and anti-inflammatory medication.

Your hip specialist may also recommend gentle stretching and strengthening exercises as your symptoms improve. Surgery for adductor or groin strain injuries are rarely necessary, but may be required to repair a complete muscle tear or in cases where there is chronic pain that does not respond to conservative treatment.

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