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Tendons are connective tissues that attach muscle to bone. When they are irritated or inflamed, they become painful, causing tendonitis. The ankle tendons are subject to significant stress and can become ruptured, causing pain and a disability of the foot.

The main tendons in the ankle are the Achilles tendon, the posterior tibialis tendon, two peroneal tendons (peroneus brevis and peroneus longus), and the anterior tibialis tendon.

Any of these tendons can be ruptured due to an ankle injury, such as a sudden deceleration or stopping motion, a direct blow to the tendon, laceration of the tendon, a fall with an awkward landing, or longstanding tendonitis of the involved tendon.

The symptoms of an ankle tendon rupture include:

  • A “popping” sound at the time of injury
  • Immediate ankle pain and swelling
  • A feeling that the ankle has “given out” after falling
  • Indentation above the torn tendon
  • Difficulty walking or moving around

Early diagnosis and treatment by a member of Lancaster Orthopedic Group’s foot and ankle team is important for a successful outcome after ankle tendon rupture. Treatment delays may result in scarring and decreased blood flow. Partial tendon ruptures may be treated with conservative measures. Complete ruptures require immediate surgical repair.

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