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Having flat foot (pes planus) is a fairly common condition that can develop at any point in one’s life. It occurs when the feet do not have normal raised arches when standing. Adult acquired flatfoot deformity (AAFD) is a progressive collapsing of the arch that occurs in adulthood.

These conditions may be a result of poor bone structure, laxity of ligaments, and weakness of supporting muscle and tendons. Flat feet are common in young children, but do not usually require treatment because the condition improves as the child develops. A fallen arch or flat feet may also develop as part of the aging process. In the case of AAFD, rheumatoid arthritis is one of the more common causes.

Symptoms of flat feet include:

  • Pain in the foot, ankle or lower leg
  • Tired or achy feeling in the feet or legs after long periods of standing or walking
  • Pain after participating in sports or other physical activities
  • Reduced range of motion of the foot
  • Trouble rising up on the toes

If you think you may have flat feet (pes planus) or adult acquired flatfoot, the foot and ankle team at Lancaster Orthopedic Group will examine your feet and recommend the best course of treatment. If conservative treatments, such as pain relievers, anti-inflammatory medications, arch supports or orthotics, and strengthening exercises fail to control the symptoms, surgery may be recommended.

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