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There are several important ligaments that provide stability for the elbow. Two of the most important are the medial collateral ligament (on the inside of the elbow) and the lateral collateral ligament (on the outside). These ligaments can be torn by an impact injury, accident or repetitive overuse of the elbow, causing pain and instability.

Another important ligament is the annular ligament, a ring-shaped ligament that wraps around the radial head and holds it in place against the ulna. This ligament can be torn when the elbow is dislocated.

Individuals with elbow ligament injuries experience these common symptoms:

  • Pain or tenderness when pressing on the ligament
  • Pain when bending and straightening the arm
  • Instability
  • Swelling and bruising around the elbow

Discuss treatment options with one of the upper extremity subspecialists at Lancaster Orthopedic Group for help relieving your symptoms. They include avoiding stress on the ligaments, rest, ice or cold therapy to reduce pain and inflammation, applying tape to protect the ligaments, ultrasound therapy to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, and wearing an elbow support to encourage healing.

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