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The wrist is constantly in motion throughout the day, and our constant use of it puts it at considerable risk for injury. Tendon lacerations occur when the tendons that bend and extend the fingers and wrist are cut or lacerated, causing pain, loss of function and damage to surrounding tissue.

Tendon laceration is caused by a severe traumatic injury that pierces the hand or wrist, such as a cut from a knife, broken glass or other sharp object. The injury can partially sever a tendon, enabling the fingers to still move, or completely cut tendons, causing total loss of mobility when attempting to bend or straighten the affected finger(s). The injury may also damage nerves and blood vessels that are critical to proper hand function.

Some athletic activities can cause tendon lacerations, such as wrestling or playing football. Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis can also weaken the tendons, making them more susceptible to tears.

If you think you may have a tendon laceration, get in touch with Lancaster Orthopedic Group right away for a careful evaluation by a hand specialist in order to receive the best possible treatment. Early diagnosis and treatment are important for a successful outcome.

Immediate surgical repair is indicated in almost all cases of tendon laceration. Delays may lead to scarring and decreased blood flow and compromise the healing and recovery process. Healing may take up to three months for full recovery and function.

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