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Finger tendinitis occurs when a tendon in the finger becomes irritated or inflamed, resulting in pain or tenderness. It may be caused by hyperextending the finger (bending it backward) when falling on the hand, but is most often related to repetitive overuse.

If you are involved in sports that strain the fingers and hand, such as tennis and weightlifting, or jobs that require repetitive hand movements, such as assembly line work or playing a musical instrument, you may be more susceptible to finger tendinitis.

Common symptoms of finger tendinitis include:

  • Pain or tenderness that may radiate to the hand or forearm
  • Swelling of the tendon
  • Pain or discomfort during activity
  • Weakness or loss of motion
  • Difficulty getting dressed

If you suspect you may have finger tendinitis, schedule an appointment with one of Lancaster Orthopedic Group’s hand subspecialists for an evaluation. Conservative treatments typically include rest, ice or cold therapy, splinting, anti-inflammatory medications, and avoiding the activities that cause you pain or discomfort. In severe cases, surgical intervention may be necessary.

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