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A finger sprain is an injury to the ligaments or any of the three joints of the finger. It can be caused by the hyperextending the finger (bending it backward) or by jamming the finger into something or being hit on the tip of the finger.

Sprained fingers are common injuries in sports such as basketball, football, handball, and other ball games.

Symptoms include swelling of the finger joint and pain or stiffness when moving or bending the finger. If the sprain causes one of the ligaments in the finger to rupture, the joint will be unstable.

Conservative treatment includes rest, ice or cold therapy for 10 to 15 minutes every hour, and application of a compression bandage to help reduce swelling. Immobilizing the finger or splinting it to an adjacent finger will protect it while it heals.

A hand subspecialist at Lancaster Orthopedic Group may recommend surgery in more severe cases or in the event a ligament has completely ruptured.

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