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We use our hands constantly and continually place them in harm's way. A finger fracture is a break or crack in one of the 14 small bones in the finger (phalanges). The fracture is often the result of the finger being crushed between two objects, putting the hand out to break a fall, or when the finger jams while trying to catch a ball.

Bones can break in different ways: straight across the bone, in a spiral, into several pieces, or shatter completely. The first sign of a fracture is acute pain; however, the symptoms of broken, dislocated and badly sprained fingers are often similar, and it may not always be obvious that the finger is broken.

Regardless of the severity of the finger fracture, prompt attention from a provider at Lancaster Orthopedic Group can make an important difference in your long-term recovery. A bone that heals out of alignment may lead to complications in the future, such as stiffness or arthritis. The fracture may also cause nerve damage.

If the fracture is simple with no displacement (separation of the bone), your physician may recommend immobilizing the finger with a splint while it heals. In more complicated fractures where the bone is displaced or broken into several pieces, surgery may be required to realign the fragments and keep the fractured bone in place.

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