Lancaster Orthopedic Group

Lancaster Orthopedic Group was started in 1985 by Dr. Wayne Conrad and Dr. J. Paul Lyet. With just two doctors and two employees in a small office in downtown Lancaster, adjacent to what is now the Clipper Stadium, the group was born. Over 25 years later, Dr’s. Conrad and Lyet are still with the practice. In 1992, the practice moved its Lancaster office to its current location on Granite Run Drive.

What is sub-specialized orthopedics?

Once a physician completes their 4 year orthopedic residency and is trained as an orthopedic surgeon, they can go on to complete an extra year of training by entering into a fellowship program. The fellowship is in a subspecialty area of orthopedics, such as shoulder surgery or hand surgery, and focuses solely on that region of the musculoskeletal system. The fellowship exposes the physician to a high volume of complex surgical cases in that particular sub-specialty area of orthopedics.